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Recover Maximum Compensation For A Workplace Injury Through An Injury Claim

Workers’ compensation provides benefits for medical care, vocational training and rehab after a workplace accident. However, many people do not realize that workplace injuries can have additional sources of compensation aside from workers’ comp. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you can explore the possibility of recovering additional compensation through a third-party injury claim.

Law Office of Lora R. Lozano is the experienced and assertive attorney whom you can turn to if you are interested in recovering the maximum compensation available. As a lawyer with experience as a claims adjuster, she knows what it takes to stand up for the rights of injured San Antonio workers and file a successful claim.

How Do Third-Party Claims Work?

Texas workers’ compensation covers damages for which your employer is at fault. Many cases also have damages caused by third parties. Some examples of third-party injury claims include:

  • Deficient machinery that malfunctioned
  • Shoddy materials that did not perform as needed
  • Unsatisfactory maintenance on equipment
  • Slip-and-falls on premises not owned by your employer
  • A negligent driver who crashed into you while you drove a company vehicle
  • Safety inspections that failed to detect safety risks

In cases such as these, you may have the option of suing the third party who contributed to your accident and injury. Lora has handled complex personal injury claims involving third parties for years, always fighting to recover the highest settlement or award possible.

Have you already filed a workers’ compensation claim? That’s okay. You can file a workers’ comp claim independently of your personal injury claim, which Lora will handle for you.

Learn More By Speaking With A Lawyer

If you are curious about filing a personal injury claim related to your workplace accident, contact Law Office of Lora R. Lozano. She can evaluate your case and give you an idea of what to expect. Call her at 210-LADY LAW (210-523-9529) or send her an email for a free initial consultation.