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Biting Back At Irresponsible Dog Owners

Pet owners have an obligation to keep people safe from their dogs. Far too many pet owners do not take this duty seriously, resulting in serious injuries from dog bites.

You have the right to hold pet owners accountable for the damage inflicted by their animals. At Law Office of Lora R. Lozano, you can find a hardworking, tenacious attorney to help you. Lora serves San Antonio and the surrounding region by providing outstanding help in a variety of personal injury claims, including dog bites and other animal attacks.

What To Know About Texas Dog Bite Laws

Texas’s laws often put dog owners at an advantage over victims in personal injury cases. To have an actionable case, you must prove one of the following criteria:

  1. The dog bit someone in the past.
  2. The owner had reason to know that their dog had the potential to be dangerous.
  3. The owner did not take reasonable care to prevent the dog from biting.

On your own, the odds are against you. You need Lora as your lawyer so she can investigate the dog’s past, speak with witnesses, gather evidence and put together a claim for you. She has helped numerous people successfully recover compensation for their damages following a severe bite.

She Knows What Makes A Successful Claim

Lora spent more than 15 years as a claims adjuster before becoming a lawyer. She saw what makes some dog bite claims successful versus others that were denied. It also means that she is not afraid of standing up to powerful insurance companies. Her fearlessness and willingness to fight for her clients’ claims is what has earned the nickname Lady Law.

Talk To Lora About Your Injury In A Free Consultation

You have the right to seek compensation if a dog owner’s negligence left you with damages. Speak with Lora about whether you have a case. Call her at 210-LADY LAW (210-523-9529) or send her an email to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation.