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Are specific breeds prone to dog bites?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Dog Bites

There are typically several types of personalities when it comes to how people feel about dogs. Some are over-the-moon crazy about them and treat their dogs like members of their family. Other people don’t like dogs, which is often borne out of fear. Then there are the in-betweens, who neither love nor hate dogs, but simply tolerate their existence. Whatever category people happen to be in, when dog bites occur in Texas, most people agree that the dog owner should be held accountable.

More than four million people throughout the country suffer from dog bites each year. Many such incidents result in severe puncture wounds to the arms and hands. Some people, such as postal workers, for example, are at great risk of dog bites in their line of work. It is helpful to review statistics, especially regarding whether some breeds are more aggressive than others.

The American Animal Hospital Association says pit bulls cause most dog bites

Current data from the American Animal Hospital Association states that more than 22% of all dog bites in the United States come from Pit bulls. Dogs of mixed breeding follow close behind Pit bulls with more than 21% of bite incidents. The third likeliest breed to show aggression and bite is the German Shepherd. Of these three groups, Pit bulls are the breed that most often causes fatal injuries.

Things to know about filing legal claims after dog bites in Texas

Those wishing to seek compensation for damages following dog bites in Texas must be prepared to prove their claim in court. There is a one-bite rule across the state, which basically means that if an owner is aware that his or her dog had bitten in the past or showed aggression as if to bite, he or she is liable if a bite occurs thereafter. If the one-bite rule does not apply in a particular case, a plaintiff may still prove that the dog owner’s negligence was responsible for the incident that resulted in injury. Seeking restitution following dog bites is part of personal injury law. An attorney with litigation experience in this field can provide support leading up to and throughout proceedings.