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Tragedy strikes Texas when fatal collision occurs

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Car Accidents

A tragedy occurred in Brownsville recently after a ran a red light. What happened next will be etched in the minds of witnesses forever. The out-of-control vehicle then struck 18 people at a bus stop.  

Investigators say the driver blew through a red light and then lost control of the steering. The vehicle went into a roll and crashed into the group. Sadly, six people died at the scene and two others later succumbed to their injuries. The remaining 10 victims were listed in critical condition.  

Judge set bail for the driver who caused the collision 

The man driving the SUV that crashed into a group of pedestrians reportedly tried to run away from the scene. Bystanders detained him until local law enforcement officers arrived. After being taken into police custody, a judge set his bail at $3.6 million. He is facing manslaughter and reckless driving charges.  

Witnesses say they believe the driver caused the collision on purpose 

Multiple witnesses told investigators that the driver appeared to have acted intentionally. Many of the pedestrians at the bus stop were migrants, and witnesses say the driver was spewing obscenities against them moments before the crash occurred. In Texas and throughout the country, a wrongful death claim may be filed in civil court against a driver whose negligence or recklessness results in a fatal collision.