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Personal injury risk is high on these Texas roadways

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Personal-Injury

If you live or work in San Antonio, Texas, you may be familiar with Loop 1604. The claim to fame of this stretch of roadway is that it’s one of the most dangerous roads in the region. The loop surrounds the city and covers just over 95 miles. You may have hopped onto Loop 1604 to bypass slower-moving traffic on your way to work or elsewhere, although doing so may increase your risk of personal injury. 

There have been many fatal collisions on Loop 1604. This is not the only dangerous road in San Antonio, however. Several other routes in or around San Antonio are high-risk areas, as well. If a distracted driver, an intoxicated driver or someone falling asleep at the wheel is nearby, a collision may occur that causes you or your loved one to suffer severe, perhaps life-threatening, injuries.  

Online tool provides crash data analysis and statistics 

This online query tool provided by The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) enables you to obtain information regarding crash data and statistics on state highway systems. Such data shows that Loop 410 is one of the most dangerous San Antonio bypass roads. Many big rigs travel this route, and serious collisions have occurred due to truck driver negligence.  

Interstate 10 is a road that intersects Loop 1604, as well as Interstate 35, making it one of the most dangerous areas to travel by motor vehicle in San Antonio, Texas. Driving behaviors that place travelers at risk at intersections often include failing to yield a right-of-way, speeding, driver intoxication and driver distraction.  

When another driver’s negligence causes you to suffer personal injury 

No matter how alert or cautious you are while driving along San Antonio roads or bypasses, you have no control over another driver’s behavior. If you’re lucky, you might be able to avert a collision if you witness concerning driving maneuvers nearby and are able to take the nearest exit or create distance between your vehicle and the one that is causing you concern.  

This isn’t always possible, though, especially in high-traffic areas where vehicles are traveling at highway speeds. If another vehicle hits you, and you or your loved one suffer personal injury, it’s important to know where to seek support during recovery. If tragedy strikes, and your family member suffers fatal injuries, it is also helpful to know what type of support is available in your community to help you cope with the sudden death of a loved one.