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Navigating the aftermath of truck accidents in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Anyone who drives on Texas roadways knows how stressful and dangerous it can be. In some cities, such as San Antonio, Houston or Austin, big rigs create heavy traffic that often causes delays. Driving through such congested areas also increases the risk of truck accidents, the aftermath of which can be complex and difficult to navigate.  

In addition to often dealing with life-threatening injuries, the days and weeks that follow a truck accident can be stressful. An accident victim may have an arduous recovery from physical injuries but may also have to deal with numerous other issues. These typically include insurance claims, vehicle repairs and, perhaps, litigation.  

Other drivers, investigators, claims adjusters and more 

Many people who have been involved in Texas tractor-trailer collisions have settled injury claims for a far lower amount of money than they may have been entitled to receive. To ensure that a recovering accident victim receives full restitution, it is helpful to enlist support from an injury law attorney who has experience in truck accident litigation. Such an attorney is also used to dealing with crash investigators, insurance agencies and other motorists who may have been involved in a particular collision. 

Did commercial truck or driving violations occur? 

The adage that says “time is money” is especially relevant to tractor-trailer drivers, who often travel through Texas on commercial routes. Trying to cover as many miles as possible in a single shift often leads to statutory violations, such as speeding or staying behind the wheel for more consecutive hours than allowed by law. In 2020, there were more fatalities associated with truck accidents in this state than any other. When considering filing an injury claim following a collision, it is a good idea to rely on experienced legal support to pursue maximum compensation for documented monetary damages.